Social Responsibility

Our mission is to manufacture and market medical devices that contribute to reduce human and animal suffering and facilitate healing. Being aware that our actions can have an impact on the environment, damaging the planet and society, we also have the mission to mitigate or eliminate those negative impacts derived from our activity and to promote an environmental, ethical and socially responsible culture.

We aim to add value to the healthcare field and to society with our products, services and actions by applying ethical values and principles.

We are aware that each member of the team is a gear for the achievement of our business, environmental and social objectives. We understand that work should be a means where the person is fulfilled both humanly and professionally.

We work to provide a safe and quality work environment where respect and dialogue foster a sense of belonging to this great family that is Lorca Marin. We are committed to the training, sensitization and motivation of our staff.

“Leadership is the ability to transform vision into reality.”

Warren G. Bennis


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Establishment and monitoring of corporate policy, code of good governance and code of conduct.

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Implementation and maintenance of a management system in accordance with ISO 13485 for quality management of medical devices.


Implementation And Maintenance Of A Management System In Compliance With Sr-10 Of Social Responsibility.

Our activities generate positive or negative impacts on all those people or entities with which we interact. Continuous improvement, the spirit of self-improvement and commitment to our environment are the principles that Lorca Marín sets to transform society and be a role model.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi


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Preparation of and compliance with the code of conduct with stakeholders, anti-corruption policy and advertising policy.

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Commitment to the training of professionals in research and clinical surgery with the creation of the Lorca Marin Chair of Surgery Pascual Parrilla Award with the University of Murcia.

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Collaborations for Training Actions

Lorca Marín is committed to the future of the planet. Our strategic plan responds to promote the efficient use of resources, pollution prevention, reduction and management of waste and discharges in its activities. Promote activities that contribute to meeting the sustainable development goals of the 2030 agenda.

“A society is defined not only by what it creates but also by what it refuses to destroy. “

John C Sawhill


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We use 100% renewable energy.

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Packaging boxes and office paper used from recycled materials.

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Implementation And Maintenance Of An Iso 14001 Compliant Environmental Management System.